is a bash script that logs running workouts, crunches numbers up, gives monthly and yearly reports with total and average distance, total time, average pace, calories burned, etc.

Runlog 20150424


  • runlog - creates a new runlog entry.
  • runlog e filename - opens log entry with filename for editing.
  • runlog v filename - opens log entry with filename for viewing.
  • runlog d filename - delete runlog file with filename.
  • runlog r - reads all entries (cats all files in the dir, pipes to less), can be limited to date parameters
  • runlog r yyyymmdd - reads entries from date yyyymmdd. One can specify just yyyymm, or just yyyy, even.
  • runlog l - lists all runlog entries. Like r, it can be narrowed down with date parameters.
  • runlog s searchterm - searches for searchterm in run entries.
  • runlog mo yyyymm - gives a monthly report for month yyyymm
  • runlog yr yyyy - gives a yearly report for year yyyy (such as runlog yr 2013)
  • runlog h - displays this help message.