StatusNet Stuff


So, I've been also playing with some stuff for

  • StatExpire: expires updates, replies and conversations after a given time period. Useful to keep your db from growing infinitely. NOTE: This is best if implemented early in a site's existence, as, I understand an InnoDB doesn't give space back, but will reuse freed space.
  • Yourls plugin: uses a installation to shorten urls. I did not write the original plugin, but I did update it to work with current (as of this date, 20120502) code, as it was initially written for Laconica, and was no longer working.
  • iDenTickles - statusnet posting client in tcl/tk.
  • status - post to statusnet from the command line with curl.
  • FrenTcl - friendica+statusnet client in tcl/tk.
  • Xpostulate - xposting blog client with statusnet support in tcl/tk.

tonybaldwin 2012.