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A free and open source online translation project management platform, released according to the Gnu Affero GPL license, TransProCloud is a front-end for a clients and providers database, plus project management tools modeled after transprocalc, but, of course, written in php and html with a mysql or mariadb backend, etc., rather than tcl/tk, so that it can be installed and run on a web server and accessed in a browser.

editing a provider in TransProCloud

TransProCloud is in early development (development started on May 14, 2012), and is not yet ready for a production environment. Want to chip in development? Clone the git repo and hop on board!

Project Status

  • project not production ready, in pre-alpha dev status
  • last push to dev branch, June 22, 2012.
  • last push to master, June 12, 2012).

So far I have the clients and providers database tables roughly worked out, as well as parts, but not all, of the project management interface (document management is largely completed; assignment management is not yet started; financial management only partially created). A lot has been done in a short time, but there's still much to be done. Of course, I'm doing this in my copious spare time.


TransProCloud requires:

  • a webserver (development has been with Apache, but I assume nginx would do just as well);
  • PHP
  • MySQL or MariaDB1)

A standard LAMP2) stack is recommended, but, I'm guessing it will work on WAMP3). I have not used any windows systems since about the year 2000, however, so can not support that. As mentioned above, I suppose LNMP (nginx) works, but, also, having no experience with that, I can not offer support specifically for said server. I'm also fairly certain it will function fine in a *BSD environment, but, again, have no experience with that. Likewise MacOS.


  • project management interface is still incomplete. Most of project Document management is now done, but assignments are not started, and the financial aspects are only about half-way there.
  • advanced search and/or full text search
  • security (there's none at the moment built in. My personal and development installations, as well as the above linked demo, are all behind an htpasswd security wall, but I intend to build in “mysql” (or mariadb) authentication for users in the database.)
  • I have tentative plans to make a transprocloud website (standalone, as opposed to part of this wiki) with a wiki and support forum, and also within which transprocloud can be offered as a SaaS/Software as a Service application (i.e., installation, maintenance and support provided for a fee. sqldumps will always be offered for users that wish to move to and run their own installation. No contract lock-in is contemplated (i.e., contract would be on a month-to-month basis, only)).

Stay tuned…

tony baldwin 2012.


I recommend MariaDB!
Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP
Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP