Fitness 110116

I walked 1.05 mkiles with the dog this morning.
Later I cycled 14.6 miles in 00:30:03.
YES, I averaged 29.1 MPH, MY TOP SPEED WAS 47.1 MPH). Ask anyone you know who knows anything about cycling,
if that's any good, and they'll say, yeah, not too shabby.
If you tell htm that it was done by a 47 y/o diabetic with cancer,
they'll accuse you of lying (I'm not lying!
I have the bike computer here if anyone wants to check it,
Add to that, that I just stopped taking antibiotics for pneumonia 3 weeks ago,
and still have scarring on my lungs,
or that I have kidney stones, and nobody will ever believe you again!.
I weighed in after at 125 lbs and my Blood glucose was 85 mg/dL.