Morning Poems

Morning Poem I

The fingers of the awakening sun
sneak across the blanket of morning mist
and in through our window.
The sun caresses your creamy shoulder,
Runs his fingers through your golden hair,
playfully, and gently kisses your cheek,
(now a sun-kissed peach). And
I am jealous of the sun, but,
I still know that
Only your touch
can make me glow
as you do now.

art of tony baldwin - a book of poetry and art

Morning Poem II

The guinea pig taps and jerks
at his water bottle.
The cat meows for his breakfast,
rubbing against my leg
as I stumble through the
kitchen and into the shower…
Returning from my shower, I am stopped
by the return
of the sun, as he sneaks once more
over the sill, under the pane, across
the carpet, slowly tickling his way
across the bed, across your arm,
until he rests again at your side
to steal a kiss.

In this half-awakened
light of morning,
You shine, again.
And now I understand
that I, too,
can be the sun.

© tony baldwin